Château de Vascoeuil

27910, Vascœuil
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Founded in the 11th century, the castle of Vascoeuil now has a 15th and 16th century architecture, flanked by a 12th century tower. Became a Center of Art and History, inaugurated in 1970, it also houses a museum dedicated to the historian Jules Michelet in an 18th century outbuilding.

In the courtyard, a red brick dovecote of the seventeenth century is decorated with a black enameled brick decor, arranged in an arrow. Inside, it has retained its remarkable original structure.

With a park of 5 hectares, planted with rare species, the French garden also invites you to walk and discover a rich heritage, including a majestic multi-century oak. It hosts about sixty sculptures and mosaics of artists as renowned as Braque, Dali, Vasarely, etc.

My castle is visitable

From this perfect fusion of contemporary and history emerges a very special atmosphere and these magical connections make Vascoeuil "a unique place", in the words of Michelet, no museum, no gallery, even less Sacred Historical Monument, sum of visual sensations that persist without being defined.
We do not only go to Vascoeuil to see the exhibitions, the Castle or the Museum dedicated to Michelet and his family - the only one existing in France - but also to feel happy and peaceful in a setting of a surprising harmony.
Today it is a renowned Art Center with its temporary exhibitions and its exceptional modern sculpture park (more than 60 works in the gardens).
We must also mention the specific events presented throughout the season:
- Crazy chocolate in the Spring,
- Weekend floral and vegetal at Pentecost,
- Summer musical nights,
- Magic of orchids at All Saints ...

From Wednesday to Sunday from April to November: 14h30-18h.
In July-August: [xxxxxxx] .
Open holidays.
In November: weekends only from 2.30pm to 5.30pm.

Groups: open daily (morning and afternoon) by appointment.

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Spoken languages: French