Château de Vesset

03220, Treteau


The family of Vécé is known from the early fourteenth century. A Guillaume de Veccei is reported in a confession to the lord of Bourbon, in 1300. Moreover, there is another stronghold in Vesset, since in 1301, the damoiseau Perrin de Cincé made recognition to the lord of Bourbon "wood, prez, land cotivées and not cotivées, cens and customs, justice and seigneurie … ", which it shares with the other lords of Vesset, with the value of 18 pounds of annual rent.
Then come the de Chappes, then the Meschins who transmitted this land by marriage, in 1427, Villars, lords of Puyfol.
In 1631, La Guiche, lords of La Palisse, exchanged the Motte-Vesset against the lordship of Rozières to Michel de Provers.
But it does not keep long and in 1697, it belongs to a tanner of Moulins, Jacques Charnan, then shortly after the Voisin family who bequeathed in 1749 to the Brown who kept it until the end of the nineteenth century.

The castle of Vesset welcomes you now in bed and breakfast or cottage, to share with you "the spirit of places".

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Spoken languages: French