Château des Ormes

86220, Les Ormes
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The current owners Mr. and Mrs. Sydney Abbou, passionate about history and old stones undertook the restoration of this superb historical monument of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, composed of three pavilions of white stone of the country and completed by a low court, barns, a farm – a vast complex of 7000 m2.
They invite you to immerse yourself in the home of a family of the great aristocracy of the "Enlightenment", the family of the Count of Argenson, Minister of War of King Louis XV, friend of the lights and Philosophers who dedicated him the encyclopedia.
A set of period furniture was gathered in the reception rooms.

My castle is visitable

Château des Ormes has two gardens of different styles. The first, in the French, located in the main courtyard was restored according to plans of the eighteenth century. The second, in English, is discovered along the Vienne where you can admire multi-century trees. In the park, a cooler completes the visit.

* Visit of the castle in summer period:

The castle is open to the public from June 1 to September 30, every day except Tuesday, from 14h to 18h.

The entrance is via the main gate on the RD 910 and, near the place of the church of Ormes, 28 rue Pierre d’Argenson. The ticket office is located at the entrance of the main courtyard of the castle.

Guided tour lasting around 1h15.

* Castle tour out of season:

It is open every other day of the year by appointment for groups from 10 people. A snack can be served to groups who request it (contact us).

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Spoken languages: French