Château du Blanc Buisson

27330, Saint-Pierre-du-Mesnil
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In Normandy, The Castle of Blanc-Buisson, built under the reign of Philip the Fair in 1290, is undoubtedly one of the last vestiges of this architecture both civil and military after the Middle Ages in the Pays d Ouche. Built to ensure the protection of peasants against brigands, this former home that is also called strong house, mixture of sandstone and brick, retains most of its original construction; a main I-shaped sandstone construction supported by a square dungeon. The building also has a large inner courtyard surrounded by a defensive wall pierced with loopholes and marked on three angles by defense turrets, all in the form of a pentagon surrounded by moats that could only be crossed by a bridge Levi's.

Nestled in its green setting, a timeless place offering silence and meditation, a magical place steeped in history, the Château du Blanc Buisson adapts to your needs as part of the turnkey organization of seminars, receptions , dinners, parties, weddings, concerts or exhibitions. The place has several reception areas.
The park and the inner courtyard are open for weddings and receptions. (Tent rental to predict)
The Orangery and the interior lounges make it possible to host seminars.

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