Château du Marais

91530, Le Val-Saint-Germain
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The site of the Marais on which the Castle of the Huraults once stood, of which only the moat and the dungeon remain today (this is the tower that we see on entering), where Sully, the great minister of Henry IV, received it beautifully.

At the end of the 18th century, in 1778, the treasurer general of artillery and engineering, Jean Le Maître, had the current castle, the most beautiful castle in Ile de France, built there by the architect Barré. It is worth noting the party that Barré was able to draw from the site itself, the proportion of the castle in relation to the water mirror, the mysterious Italian peristyle, the perfection with which were treated headbands and friezes due to the greatest sculptors of the time, the elegant skill with which the 18th century castle is connected to the old castle by the small glass-enclosed gallery bridge.

Similarly Achille Duchêne, to whom we owe the restoration of most of the gardens attributed to André Le Nôtre and who, inspired by the plans of the old French garden created the current one in 1910, ensured the harmony of proportions in relation to the facades.

All this makes the Marais a masterpiece of intelligence as well as French art. The Duchess of Talleyrand acquired it in 1899 from the Duchess of Noailles and began a major restoration work there by her daughter Violette de Talleyrand, wife of President Gaston Palewski, former director of general de Gaulle's cabinet, a member of Institute, former Minister of State. It is currently the children of the latter, Anna de Bagneux and Charles Maurice de Pourtalès who are doing it.

Many illustrious visitors took turns at the Marais: the fabulist Florian, Voltaire's nephew, Mathieu Molé, future prime minister of Louis-Philippe who became the son-in-law of the mistress of the house; Wellington when he was ambassador to Paris. There were mainly Chateaubriand and Pauline de Beaumont, Sainte-Beuve and Mme d'Arbouville and more recently André Malraux and Louise de Vilmorin.

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Visit the Park and museum on Sundays and celebrations from 2pm to 6pm from March 15 to November 15

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