Château Fort de Rambures

80140, Rambures
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A jewel of medieval architecture of the fifteenth century fully furnished, its romantic park of 15 ha and a rose garden to discover all year.

Visit with a guide the home of the lords of Rambures: a surprising journey through time where each room is a witness to the tastes of its successive occupants.

The 15-hectare park has been labeled Remarkable Garden since 2006. It includes an arboretum, a rose garden with multiple varieties of roses, a garden of the simples and a collection of ferns.

History and famous characters

On the border of Picardy and Normandy stands the Château Fort de Rambures, a military fortress of the 15th century, the first "brick and stone" castle in France, listed as a Historical Monument. David de Rambures, grand master of the crossbowmen of France and celebrity of his time, wanted to build the ideal castle to face the artillery of his time.
In the company of a guide who will tell you the story of a family (still the owner of the Domain for 1000 years), you will discover the fully furnished rooms of the fortress. This place full of history will allow you to make a real journey in time.
A family walk will also be offered to you in the 15-hectare park, labeled Jardin Remarkable. There, a rose garden with a thousand colors and scents and more than 500 varieties of roses, an arboretum with centuries-old essences await you.

My castle is visitable

The holidays of All Saints' Day become the Halloween holidays at the Château de Rambures!

For the occasion we offer daily workshops related to Halloween and children will have the opportunity to be makeup. The visit of the castle will be accompanied by a disturbing character who will take you to discover the castle redecorated for the occasion ... an original and fun visit for young and old ...

ATTENTION: the animations will not take place on October 28th and 29th during the Rambures Halloween Kids

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