Château of Baronville

28700, Béville-le-Comte

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55 minutes from Paris, the Château de Baronville rises in the heart of a vast park, composed of various species. Third castle erected on the same site, it dominates a water mirror designed in the seventeenth century. It was built by my great-great-grandfather for the great receptions of the Second Empire, and has been completely restored in recent years.
Having had the chance to grow up in this extraordinary place, I am happy to present it here.
We welcome you today to organize exclusively a prestigious and unique event, private or professional, in the warm atmosphere of a family home.
You can choose the Domaine de Baronville for your wedding, your shoot, as well as for your company party, your seminar, your product launch or a photo, fashion or advertising session.
We are listening to your projects, and we will answer you as soon as possible.
See you soon in Baronville!

The castle today

Inhabited since the Gallo-Roman era, Baronville was first a fortified residence intended to control the valley of the Voise.
In 1623, a pleasure castle is built in this green setting by the Montescot family. Then passed by marriage in the family of Lattaignant, the lordship of Baronville was acquired in 1783 by the Marquis d’Aligre, first president of the Parliament of Paris. In 1868, his great-grandson the Marquis de Pomereu d’Aligre had the old castle razed and the present-day building, designed for receptions of the Second Empire, designed by architect Léon de Sanges.
The Marquess of Pomereu d’Aligre engraved on the facade of the castle the following motto: "Pereat Nomen cum Peribit Honor", which means "Perish the name when the honor perishes".
During the twentieth century, the area of ​​Baronville welcomes wounded convalescence between 1914 and 1918, and it will be occupied three times by German soldiers between 1940 and 1944.
These difficult events will leave traces on the vast building and its park, until the Comte and the Comtesse Bertrand de Rougé, descendants of the Pomereu d’Aligre, undertake important restorations to save this historical and family patrimony.
Since 1980, Baronville has returned to its original vocation, the grand receptions.
The estate is now managed by Count Aymeric de Rougé.

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