Château of Saint-Jean de Beauregard

91940, Saint-Jean-de-Beauregard
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A haven of peace 30 minutes south of Paris, this magnificent architectural ensemble has retained all the charm, spirit and elegance of its 17th century environment.

In a case of land and wood, the powerful and sober mass of the castle is inscribed with its seven courtyards, its park and its French garden in an almost perfect square, in which harmoniously integrate chapel, common, stables, vegetable garden, dovecote, orangery, watering place, cooler, moat ... all the essential elements for everyday life in the 17th century.

The Domaine de Saint-Jean de Beauregard remains above all a family home, inhabited all year, that the current owners are keen to animate and share.

Their passion for plants and the garden was expressed in the exemplary restoration of the vegetable garden and in the creation in 1984 of one of the very first Fête des Plantes, which became over the years one of the most important horticultural events of France.

To discover during guided tours or at major events offered throughout the year.

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Almost all the park remained "French". Planted with oaks, ash trees, chestnuts and charms, natural essences in the region, it is squared by star paths forming beautiful perspectives.
Part of the park was transformed into English in the early nineteenth century, allowing the creation of a body of water and the introduction of new species of trees for the time: cedar, horse chestnut in particular .

Entirely enclosed by walls, typical of 17th century vegetable gardens, the flower garden of Saint-Jean de Beauregard is one of the rare castle gardens to have survived to this day. Covering an area of ​​two hectares, it allowed life in autarky dozens of people living in the castle.
Classified as a Historic Monument in 1993 and Remarkable Garden in 2005, this veritable garden of delights is today one of the favorite destinations of garden lovers all over the world.

With its 4500 boulins, the dovecote of Saint-Jean de Beauregard is one of the largest in Ile-de France. Essential supplement of the kitchen garden, it provided meat and eggs for human consumption but also columbine, manure needed to fertilize the soil.

- Open from March 15th to November 15th, on Sundays and public holidays, from 2pm to 6pm.
Dovecote, park and vegetable garden free access.
Castle and dovecote on a guided tour.

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