Château Pape Clément

33600, Pessac
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In the heart of the Bordeaux vineyards, Château Pape Clément owes its notoriety to Bertrand de Goth, archbishop of Bordeaux, and future Pope Clement V, who received this vineyard in the 13th century. He successfully improved winemaking processes.
In the nineteenth century, it is Jean Baptiste Clerc he returns to sit the fame of the wines of the Castle.

By making his acquisition in the 80s, Bernard Magrez began his way to excellence for the development of Grands Crus.

Château Pape Clément welcomes you for private or professional receptions in its elegant lounges, in bed and breakfast and opens its cellars for tastings or oenology courses.

My castle is visitable

Frequency: Every year

Curious amateurs, knowledgeable connoisseurs, knowledgeable tasters or discerning collectors, Bernard Magrez invites you to an extraordinary experience during a visit composed for each one of you.

- Visit of the Connaisseur
All finesse, the route of this visit begins in the heart of the vineyard, where the history of Grands Crus takes root. The sommelier offers a commented tasting of Château Pape Clément and two other great wines from Bernard Magrez's cuvées.
Price: 20 € per person
Duration: 1h30

- Visit of the Taster
After crossing the centuries-old vines, the Cuvier and the Chais, walked the park you will be driven into the castle through its majestic lounges and private collections of its owner.
Your visit will end in an exaltation of the senses by tasting the Grands Crus of Bernard Magrez. During this exquisite moment, the sommelier of the Château will introduce you to the art of tasting. You will discover the vineyards of Bordeaux, its terroirs, grape varieties and appellations around five wines.
Price: 49 € per person
Duration: 2h

- Collector's visit
Demanding and in search of exceptional sensations, this visit is dedicated to you. The Cellar Master accompanies you in a private discovery of Château Pape Clément, its history and the art of wine making. The secrets of the development of Grands Crus and its delicate and respectful techniques, will fascinate the most energetic enthusiasts.
It is in the confidential space of the Château Pape Clément's cellar that the guided tasting of Bernard Magrez's four Grands Crus Classés will take place.
Price: 99 € per person
Duration: 2.5 hours

- Tasting Course
To give voice to this anthology of sensations known to the greatest oenologists, the Composer of rare wines has devised tailor-made tasting courses. During a warm meeting, the sommelier of Bernard Magrez orchestrates the steps that punctuate the tasting warned of Great Wines. Initiates, lovers of Bordeaux nectar then contemplate the crystalline brilliance of a Clémentin's dress, the bouquet of a Château La Tour Carnet, or the length of a Château Fombrauge in the mouth.
Price: 55 € per person

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