Château TrotteVieille

33330, chateau TrotteVieille, Saint-Émilion
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« Château Trottevieille 1 Grand Cru class of Saint-Emilion red wine - Saint-Emilion Grand Cru. »


From 2018, it is possible to stay in the Orangery of the castle of TrotteVieille with amazing views over the vineyards of Saint Emillion.

The castle today

It traces the origin of its name to an old lady who lived in this House there are many hundreds of years. Legend has it that in the vicinity of the Castle, at the intersection of the roads was a stagecoach stop, and every time that a team would stop, the old lady down trotted to the news where the name trots old.

The second wine of the castle was created in 2002 under the name of the old lady's walk old. An old parchment in Gascon dating from the XV century already attests to the use of this name.

Exceptionally there is still a piece of vine dating from before the phylloxera. Hand picking in small boxes and wine-making are always carefully performed. The wine is known for its elegance, roundness and its great length.

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Spoken languages: French