Corbelin Castle

58210, La Chapelle-Saint-André
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Castle of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, nestled in a valley between forests and whitewater.
Completely restored in the last 15 years, it is surrounded by completely recreated gardens, where water plays a big role: pond, ditches, river, ponds and fountains highlight the Italian garden, the orchard, a decorative vegetable garden, mixed-borders , water garden, "knot" garden ....

The Gardens of the Castle of Corbelin have been recreated since 2005, around the house of the 15th, 16th centuries, whose restoration has been completed since the end of 2011.
Water-centric, ubiquitous, an Italian Renaissance-inspired garden, an orchard surrounded by moats, a decorative vegetable garden, ponds and fountains, a romantic pond edge, a mixed-border at the water's edge

Outstanding Garden Label and 2015 Bonpland Garden Award in Becoming of the National Society of Horticulture of France.

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Spoken languages: French