Couellan castle

22350, Guitté
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The estate, surrounded by terraced gardens and English gardens, includes a 17th-18th century classical castle, a 16th century chapel and pavilion, an 18th century orangery, and a 14th century farmhouse. century.

My castle is visitable

Frequency: Every year

In a large park planted with flowers and 5 ha with terraced gardens, English garden and orchard.

It is composed of several buildings ranging from the end of the 14th century to the 18th century such as a farm, an orangery, a chapel and its castle built at two different times.

Visit the castle park:
from 14h to 20h on weekends and holidays

From 15 April to 7 June

From 20 July to 15 August

- 1st to 30th of September

Guided tours by the owner at 15h30 and 17h

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Spoken languages: French