Courcelles Castle Roy

45630, Beaulieu-sur-Loire
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If the castle of COURCELLES LE ROY is located in the commune of Beaulieu-sur-Loire, property, she was significantly encroaching on neighboring communities since it originally included 600 Hectares.

As almost always happens to homes of origin very old and which have not ceased to be inhabited, the castle of Courcelles Le Roy has undergone since its primitive construction of very important transformations.

It is certain that the location today of the Castle rose once a feudal residence with ditches, drawbridge, towers and turrets, embrasures and machicolations. It is allowed to assume that this construction must be of a significant importance since in 1200 there was already a Lord of Courcelles and that this Lord named lefty of Corcells had a chapel that is served by a separate Chaplain of Beaulieu .

Of this old House which certainly had its history remains today almost no remains, if what is perhaps the central Pavilion, with its machicolations and its remnants of mullioned windows, yet although changed by transformations successive he suffered.

The door that gives access in the cour d'honneur is probably also a remnant of the former fortified castle entrance.

The current Castle is in the taste and style of the first French Renaissance which begins at the end of the fifteenth century and continues until the beginning of the seventeenth century.
These constructions, with their high roofs and their exterior claddings of apparent bricks and stones, significantly carry the stamp of the time of the reign of Henri IV and the beginning of Louis XIII.

The architecture of that time has been able to do original work, borrowing from all styles, without slavishly copying and realizing an amalgam happy for the eye and rational as he adapts to the climate and fits into the landscape.

Feudal military architecture still appears in the towers, shakers and machicolations; but these defensive elements have only a decorative role. The Romanesque style gave full-arch arches. We take the Italian Renaissance rectangular windows, large flat surfaces of the facades where the horizontals are highlighted by cornices. But we avoid the terraces or the roofs too flat, inappropriate to the rainy winters. We prefer the roofs of slate steep, whose consistency is enlivened by the high chimneys and Dormer Windows.
It is probably reminiscent of Arab art that makes play architecture with the contrasts of the brick and stone.

The main apartment of the Castle has always been designated under the name of the Roy room and field itself, for a long time, bears the name of Courcelles-Le-Roy.
This, probably in memory of King Charles VII, who, according to tradition, would have lived there with his favorite Agnès Sorel.

You get to know the owners of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, mentioned in the parish registers: the comedian Dancourt, the Academician Guibert, the Deshayes family, among others.
Of perfectly preserved ancient dungeons were discovered, having a certain analogy with those of the castle of Pierrefonds, described by Viollet-le-Duc, in his book on this ancient fortress by their shape,...

In a wide alley of the Park, bordered on its two sides of beautiful Linden trees forming a gallery of greenery and leading from the castle to the pond, lies a small altar stone, triangular, and whose sculptures are quite frustrated.

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