Domaine de Poulaines

36210, Poulaines
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Domaine de Poulaines is located in the heart of a Berry village, 7 km from Château de Valençay and 15 km from Château de Bouges.
The origin of the estate dates back to the Middle Ages.
Fragmented in the revolution, the entire estate has just been restored by the current owners.
The village of Poulaines has a church whose origins date back to the late twelfth century and a wash house covered with a framework of the nineteenth century.
Domaine de Poulaines is a private garden, open to the public for three years.
The Gardens and Arboretum of Poulaines were labeled "Jardin remarquable" in December 2014.
Surrounded by 20 hectares of woods around centuries-old trees, contemporary-themed gardens on 4.5 hectares provide the link between the Manor (16th-19th century) and the Métairie.

My castle is visitable

Opening: April 29
Closing: October 30th

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Spoken languages: French , English