Faulin Castle

89660, Châtel-Censoir
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The castle of Faulin belongs to Ascelin, lords of Châtel-Censoir, is mentioned for the first time in the thirteenth century.

The manor consists of the castle and its barnyard surrounded by a rectangular enclosure with 3 circular towers, a tower (dungeon) and a tower on a square plan.

In the east tower of the house, the chapel presents a painted decoration of the early seventeenth century on the childhood of Christ and the coronation of the Virgin.

The current mansion was built at the dawn of a new era of prosperity. Although the house is built with large openings, the castle is protected by dry ditches, a large rampart, many machicolations, guns, archers, stunners and wrought iron gates on the low windows.

Faulin Castle was one of the locations of the film "The Great Mop" (G. Oury released in 1966).

My castle is visitable

The presentation of the castle is animated by demonstrations which present to the visitors the great technical and scientific discoveries which punctuate the Middle Ages.

The visit can be organized around a conference that deal with fields such as agriculture, textiles, mills, geography and maritime navigation, watchmaking and astronomy.

The castle being inhabited it is possible to visit it by appointment or the weekend of July and August.

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Spoken languages: French