Field of Bort

87480, Saint-Priest-Taurion

« At the heart of a park of several hectares dotted with ponds, hydrangeas, rhododendrons and beautiful groves of azaleas, you will discover the beautiful castle of Bort, only 14 km northeast of Limoges? »


Romain and Steve de Sèze welcome you in in this magnificent Castle in neo-Gothic style with 4 comfortable lodgings in the old agricultural Reserve of the Castle. Since summer 2018, 3 rooms installed in the Castle complement this offer of accommodation.
These places were sedan one of the cradles of the breed and evidenced by many plates of prices obtained in agricultural competitions.
Today, a vast forest planted several generations is the setting of this preserved site located at the doors of Limoges.

The castle today

The lordship of the BORT, important area in the XV ° century entered Sèze family in 1783 by acquiring in fact Leonard Murat.
In the middle of the nineteenth, after the troubles of 1848, his great grandson, Pierre Edmond TEISSERENC de BORT will transform the Castle, enlarge and modernise it to give it a neo-Gothic style. This work lasted more than 10 years but nevertheless led to the construction of a House inconvenient, difficult to inhabit and heavy maintenance.
Nevertheless, Pierre – Edmond TEISSERENC BORT (polytechnician, MP, Minister of Agriculture under the Government of THIERS, Ambassador of France in Vienna, industrial, railway promoter), to acquire all of the surrounding areas and to the Castle domain. He began to modernize agriculture by creating a model farms. It is one of those who, by creating agricultural competitions, will contribute to save and promote the breed limousine. His son Edmond Teisserenc de Bort will continue his work, and his granddaughter, Hermine TEISSERENC BORT, who married Louis de SÈZE in 1922.
Upon his arrival in BORT, Edmond de SEZE is a career as a farmer before to convert gradually into silviculturist. After two health failures, he is forced to abandon cattle and then turns to the breeding of sheep in open air is one of the promoters in the Limoges region. The entry of Britain into the common market sees collapse the course of Limousin sheep, and Edmond de SEZE decides resolutely towards the forest the area of Bort.
In 1948 his great-grandson Edmond de Sèze and his wife, inhabit the castle on a permanent basis and undertake any important work ( [xxxxxxx] ), allowing to face the centuries. The forest of Bort is now certified with the label, PEFC, guarantor of sustainable management that there is practiced

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