Gardens of Boutemont

14100, Ouilly-le-Vicomte
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The general organization and design of the park imagined by the great landscape architect Achille Duchène at the request of Mr. and Mrs. Drouilly, dates from the early twentieth. Achille Duchène opposed the British landscape art that won the 19th century France by imposing a return to the tradition of French gardens. An established landscape gardener, he designed more than 6,000 gardens around the world.

The French garden is an extension of the house, it domesticates and orders nature according to the principles of geometry, optics and perspective. The garden is designed like a building, in a succession of rooms that the visitor crosses according to a pre-established route, from the vestibule to the ceremonial pieces.

Today, under the impetus of the owners Mr. and Mrs. Sarfati, supported by the excellent gardener Alain Liabeuf and the talented Landscape Architect Georges Hayat, rehabilitations and new creations follow one another. These historical places, restored by time and restored, are remarkable; the basin and the fountain designed by Achille Duchène were rehabilitated as well as the topiary garden and its Chinese pavilion, as well as the greenhouse still in activity, whose seedlings come to bloom the massifs throughout the year. The small romantic garden in 1920 daisies, the garden of the simple and the lime tree cathedral have excellently crossed the time. Bicentennial trees have seen the birth of new gardens ... The garden to the Italian, the green room and its doors of climbing roses, the garden of the waves and the small garden of perfumes designed by Georges Hayat come beautifully complete the set

My castle is visitable

Located in the Touques valley in the commune of Ouilly le Vicomte, 5 kilometers north of Lisieux, the Château de Boutemont, which dates from the 12th, 15th, 16th and 18th centuries, is listed in the Supplementary Inventory of Historical Monuments and his garden has been awarded the label "Remarkable Gardens".

It consists of four corner towers, a Henry IV postern, a drawbridge and is surrounded by a dry moat, all in an apparatus of wood, stones and tiles. We invite you to visit the park built around 1930 by Achille Duchêne and completed by the creation of new gardens, the chapel, the moat, the greenhouse, the orangery and in the spring of 2011 the temple of Solomon and the garden butterflies.

Open from April to November and every day in July and August.

Visit of the park and its gardens, the chapel, the moat around the castle, the greenhouses and the orangery, as well as the temple of Solomon and the butterfly garden in the spring

Duration of the guided tour: 2 hours
Opening hours: 10h to 12h and 14h to 18h
Visit with note: Wednesday - Saturday - Sunday
Guided tour: Saturday afternoon by appointment.
No visit from inside the castle

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