Great Buffon Forges

21500, Buffon
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The Great Forges Buffon is an industrial site of the eighteenth century.
Around a large rectangular courtyard, which is accessed by two monumental grids (forged on site in 1768) supported on two large pillars of stone rather remarkable, are arranged the staff housing buildings at a higher level. 6 meters above the river, as well as the home of the master and the managers, as well as the sheds and iron shops. A bakery, a vegetable garden and a chapel are also accessible to the workers. In addition, an orangery and a dovecote complete the ensemble.

My castle is visitable

A prestigious example of the steel industry during the Age of Enlightenment, this model factory, which employed 300 workers, brings together on the same site all the production operations, the workers' homes and the master's house. Built in 1768 by the naturalist Buffon who implemented his experiments on fusion, the Forge produced in the eighteenth century. 450 T of iron bars.

The visit of the blast furnace with its ceremonial staircase, from the forge to the bellows activated by a paddle wheel and the cracking makes it possible to follow the different stages of the transformation of cast iron.

Exhibitions in the pavilion of Buffon and the barn Forty B? Eggs, accompanied by 2 films (docu-fiction on Buffon and the work of iron production). The orangery, the garden (former vegetable garden of Buffon workers), the dovecote and the housing workers are open only during events such as the Rendez-Vous Gardens and Heritage Days (reduced price) or for groups all the year on reservation.

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