Grillemont Castle

37240, Chateau de Grillemont, La Chapelle-Blanche-Saint-Martin
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« Share an exceptional moment at Château de Grillemont in a Renaissance castle in the heart of Indre-et-Loire. »


The Château de Grillemont is located on the commune of La-Chapelle-Blanche-Saint-Martin in Indre-et-Loire (between Loches and Sainte-Maure de Touraine).

A first castle belonging to Geoffroy de Grillemont already existed in 1050. It was acquired in 1465 by Roland de Lescoet, whose son, Bertrand, undertook extensive work in order to have a modern residence, representative of his high rank and functions with King Louis XI.
François-Balthazar Dangé d'Orsay , Councillor, Secretary of the King and Farmer General acquired it in 1739. The transformation is complete: the dungeon is downed, the courtyard backfilled, windows and doors are enlarged. Vast commons are built. From a fortress he manages to make a house to the taste of the eighteenth century.
After the Revolution, the castle knew several owners, the last of whom, bankrupt, gave it its contents emptied in 1850 to Gérasime Lecointre, ancestor of the current owners.

The castle today

Family property for more than a century, one part of the castle is open to visitors, the other is still inhabited by the family.

A project to think about the economic development of the house is being carried out by the new generation.

My castle is visitable

open to visits from July 1 to August 15 from 1 p.m. 7 p.m. Guided tours of the interior from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. (last entrance).
Open all year to groups, by appointment.

Adults: $5
Young people (up to 16 years old): free
Groups (minimum 10 people): €4 per person

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Spoken languages: French