La Casamaures

38950, Quaix-en-Chartreuse


Perched on the rock of Saint-Martin-le-Vinoux, near Grenoble, La Casamaures is a small exotic palace surrounded by lush greenery. This neo-Moorish architecture represents a double interest: its orientalist style, testimony of the European craze for oriental cultures, and its innovative construction technique, "molded cement". The facades of columns and horseshoe arches are built in "gray gold" on terraced gardens (from 1855 to 1867). It represents a true masterpiece of the Grenoble craftsmen-moulders who used the first quick cements of the galleries under the Bastille.

The interior decorations speak of love, the concealed hearts, the calligraphies in Arabic testify of the passions of Joseph Julien dit Cochard ( [xxxxxxx] ), first owner of the house, for his wife.

The Winter Garden, Turkish fireplaces, hand-painted wallpapers and Orientalist decorations are reminiscent of Bosphorus houses, Istanbul and Turkish culture. This palace is an atypical witness to the history of Grenoble mixing the cultures of the East and the expertise of Isère master craftsmen. The gardens and arbours are decorated with exotic plants including the magnolia grandiflora labeled "Remarkable Tree of France" (last witness of the former exotic park of the nineteenth century).

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Spoken languages: French