La Ferme de Gy

74210, Giez
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During its construction in its present form in the mid-nineteenth century, Gy's farm was located in the kingdom of Sardinia (future kingdom of Italy), but the inspiration of the wooded decorations came from Austria Hungary.
Victor, Count of Chevron Villette, from a family present in Giez continuously since 1204, had been ambassador.
When he wanted to build around the 17th century commons. a very innovative model farm, including an educational dimension, he drew on his memories to draw these fascinating facades and he feeds on French social thinkers of the 19th century. which he was close to.
The farm ran from the mid-19th century. until the early 1990s.
Since the year 2000, the restoration of the farm and its barns was undertaken with great concern for the authenticity of the materials and techniques used while respecting the volumes and facades of the farm.

Today, this exceptional ensemble, with invisible modernity, welcomes you for receptions or visits.

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Spoken languages: French