La Meynardie Castle

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« The Castle of the Meynardie is located in the Dordogne, in the Périgord Vert. It is a vast family home, built under Henry IV. »


The Meynardie is a castle from the late 16th century, early 17th century, Louis XIII style, built under Henry IV or Louis XIII. "Its stately appearance comes from an uninterrupted row of machicolations, stone-to-fronted skylights, large slate roofs and two pavilions on the roof. " as described by Baron verneilh in 1873.

The estate also included the meynardie forge on the Valouze, which in the 19th century produced more than 500 quintals of iron. It belonged to the Croizant family, Arlot de Frugie, and was passed on by successive marriages to the families of Curmond de la Meynardie, Ribeyreix lord of Meynardie, and then to the Count of Villoutreys, most buried in the chapel of the castle.

During the Revolution, the latter emigrated and the castle was put up for auction as A National Property, bought by the family of Masters of Forge Texier, then of the Salle, and finally in 1883, in poor condition, by Mr. Sohier for his wife (niece of Marshal Bazaine) who made there very important indoor and outdoor work. In particular, he created the French park, and set up magnificent stables for his hunt, always visible.

The Meynardie was finally bought in 1941 by the family of current owners, who made it the scene of the Alsos mission during the last war. This American mission under the command of Colonel Boris Pash established its base at the Meynardie, becoming the operational center for the South of the Loire. Colonel Pash turned it into a book "The Alsos mission", in which he spoke at length of the Meynardie as an "impressive old castle".

The castle today

The summer family home, the current owners have recently decided to propose the privatization of the castle for stays and events, when they do not occupy it.

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