Launay Court Manor

56200, Cour de Launay, Les Fougerets
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« My wife and I have embarked on a process of rescuing and restoring a 15th century Breton manor house. We would like to share our experience in order to help those who would like to follow the same approach of analysis, understanding and respect for an element of heritage in order to initiate a suitable restoration. Beyond this phase, we plan to revive this house through various activities including accommodation. »


Founded in 1470, 7 years before the birth of Anne of Brittany, the Launay Court Manor is a rare witness to medieval architecture in Brittany. 5.5 centuries of history have put it in danger and require a vast project to bring it back to life!

The castle today

The manor of the Court of Launay was built by Jehan de Launay who owes tribute to the lordship of the Rock-Gestin. The noble house of Launay falls under the jurisdiction of the Court of Rieux in Peillac. Passed successively by marriage, sale or even exchange, from Launay to Castellan, then to Mancel, Sérent, Burban then Guynays-Le Coeur, then again to the Burban then to the Huchet of the Bald City and the Guillard des Aulnais, this fiefdom of low and medium justice was considered more for his report than as a place of residence. From then on, it escaped the waves of modernization of noble mansions.

It passed through the French Revolution without major problems but the square floor of the main body was removed. Purchased as a national property by Seguin, Justice of the Peace of the Gacilly, it was then sold to the Rado, parents of the Guillarts of The Aulnays, then to the Evain and rollo who kept it for a century and a half. Having become an agricultural building, it will escape the transformations of the 20th century but will arrive very breathless to us.

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