Le Château des Barons de Joursanvault

21340, Jours-en-Vaux
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« We are all lovers of old stones and their history. We like to share with our guests, this adventure to revive a historic place with all its surprises and joy that comes from the discovery of the life of the former owners through our research. We have a taste for the hospitality and the well-being of our customers within our walls with which we share a night as the 18th c. around our dinner table, with Burgundian gourmet cuisine accompanied by fine wines of Burgundy, If they wish. »


Discover all the magic of a fortified medieval estate, witness of several important periods of our history, from the 13th to the 18th centuries.

The renovation of this place aims to make you fully immersed in its atmosphere of the eighteenth century, the heyday of the Domaine at the time of the Barons de Joursanvault. The House of the Fields then designated the summer residence of the Lord, where he received his friends, feasted and hunted.

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Spoken languages: French , English, Spanish