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The House was built in the 13th century for Guillaume de Hastentot, constable of Henry III Plantagenet, to protect the installation of the Antonine Brothers. True strong house, it still retains its impressive buttresses and a rest of watchtower.

Integral part of the Commandery, it was used as a 'hospitalet' until the eighteenth century before its acquisition by the Order of Malta.

Sold as a "national good" under the revolution, it underwent major transformations in the 19th century and remained in the same family until the middle of the 20th century.

Residence of the writer Roger Boussinot during about fifteen years (author among others of 'Marie-Jeanne des Bernis' and 'Children in the trees'), it was bought in 2004 by a painter decorator who, after important restoration works, has enriched the interior of many frescoes and decorations.

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