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Seminar at Pibrac Castle

€0 * Book now *Excluding booking fees Total: 1 night(s)
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How are organized spaces of the castle of Pibrac?
The spaces of the castle of Pibrac are organized as follows: λ the room of the guards (12 m * 8 m or 96 m2);
Λ room Saint Hubert (R + 1, 8 m * 8 m or 64 m 2);
Λ the terraces of the Castle (1 ha);
Λ (14ha) Park.
Λ the vegetable garden (1 ha closed wall with pool and tennis court) when the spaces are available?
The spaces are available from 08:30 until 18:00 Friday.

What is the maximum number of guests for cocktails and dinner?
The cocktail may be held on the terraces of the Castle as well as in the Park. We accept a maximum of 300 people.
If the dinner is held in the reception rooms of the Castle, we accept 100 people Foundation maximum. Beyond this number, it is necessary to pay extra and rent a tent at your expense (between € 3,000 and € 5,000).

Are the gardens open to the visit during a wedding?
No, the rental of the castle of Pibrac gives right to a total privatization of the domain.

Where can guests park their car?
Parking is provided on the lawn behind the north façade of the Castle. A person will be present to guide cars.

Where can guests go to the bathroom?
There are 2 toilets in one of the turret, accessible from the room of the guards. One on the ground floor, the other at the R + 1.

Where can the caterer settle?
There is space catering composed of two parts, one for the space heater (with all necessary electrical power) for training space.

Is there a reference on site to coordinate the smooth running of the weekend?
A dedicated person is staffée for the duration of the marriage. It ensures the smooth running of the event and is at your disposal for answering technical questions. However, it is by no means a wedding planner.

Is there a wine of the area? If Yes, is it mandatory? If not, do you offer a solution? Is there a right to Cap?
No, there is no wine in the field. However, we are happy to put you in touch with quality winemakers. There is no corkage.

The rental of the Castle include sound systems?
No, the sound equipment rental is independent of the Castle.

He became a DJ?
We impose no DJ. If you wish, we can give you contact information for DJs who already worked in the Castle.

Is there a maximum volume? A time limit for music?
There is no maximum sound volume, however the volume must be reduced from 4:00.

Is the decoration of the spaces included in the rental price?
No, the decoration is on the initiative and at the expense of married.

The reception room is heated or air conditioned? If Yes, is this included in the rental price?
The heating and cooling of the reception rooms are not included in the rental price. Thanks to the thickness of the walls, the room stays at a comfortable temperature between May and October.

Are there spaces for children/seniors?
The Saint-Hubert room or the pool house from the garden can be a good solution.

Tables and chairs are available?
The rental price does not include the rental of tables and chairs. However, we at your disposal free of charge: λ 10 rectangular tables (8 people per table);
Λ 6 rectangular tables (180 * 70) λ a hundred chairs.

Is the household included in the package?
Yes, a team of household takes care of cleaning before and after each marriage. Nevertheless, the place must be rendered in decent condition and the dustbins of the caterer evacuated (by himself).

Is insurance included in the rental price?
No, the couple must get closer to an insurer and we provide a certificate of insurance.

ACCOMMODATION how many beds are there on-site?
There is no sleeping on the spot, but the proximity to Colomiers and Toulouse offers plenty of accommodation within a 10km radius.


RATES: Monday to Thursday room guards + terraces = 1000 garden = 1000 room St-Hubert = €500 guardroom + terraces + garden + room St-Hubert = 3000 Option tent in the Park = 1000 Friday and Saturday the guards room + terrace = € 2500 garden Group €1500 room St-Hubert = €500 guardroom + terraces + garden + room St-Hubert = €3900 Option tent in the Park = 1000


Saint Hubert Room
€500.00 incl tax from

Rental of the Saint Hubert room, on the 2nd floor, up to the main room ( 8m*8m = 64m2);

Vegetable garden
€1,500.00 incl tax from

Acces to the pool house, pool and Tennis located in the vegetable garden


  • Car not necessary : Yes
  • TGV Station : – of 30 minutes
  • Motorway exit : – of 30 minutes
  • Bike accessibility : Yes
  • Car suggested : Yes

Rules and Services

  • Smoking allowed : Yes
  • Room for disable people : No
  • On site Owner : Yes
  • On site Caretaker : Yes
  • Pet allowed : On demand
  • Wi-Fi : Yes
  • TV : No
  • Secured parking : Yes
  • Heating system : No
  • Full equiped kitchen : Yes
  • Dinning room capacity : 30+

On site activities

  • Private swimming pool
  • Tennis
  • Snooker
  • Tennis table

Activities in the area

  • Tradional village : On site
  • Traditionnal market : On site
  • Available
  • Unavailable