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Wedding at the castle of Montastruc

€0 * Book now *Excluding booking fees Total: 1 night(s)
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Montastruc Castle offers a unique setting for weddings and receptions. The number of people in residence is limited to up to 20 people, however receptions, cocktails, wine of honor can take place in the cour d’honneur and can accommodate 100 to 200 people smoothly, and dinners and evenings are in the High Court for 80 to 100 people. A dance floor can be included under tents.

The large vaulted kitchens of the 18th century are also available for the after-dinner in the basement of the Castle since the summer 2016.

Any reception of type marriage and requiring the training of capitals in the High Court should be coordinated by an organizer of weddings (wedding planner) and involved a lessor of capitals, both set locally and familiar with the site of Montastruc


During wedding receptions and other large family gatherings, our staff generously contributes to the coordination of the implementation, during the event’s general cleanliness, and site clean-up after receipt. As a result, a supplement of 800 euro is asked in addition to the price of the rental week.

In high season, we cannot consider leasing a horse on an end of week and must accept only full weeks rental. Of course, several weeks can be combined without problem. In low and middle seasons, a rental that is reduced to a few days including weekend can be considered.

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