Malouinière Des Trauchandières

35430, Saint-Jouan-des-Guérets
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Near Saint-Malo and Mont Saint-Michel, the Malouinière des Trauchandières was built in 1714 by a Corsair in the service of Louis XIV. He was the captain of the Glorious, a ship that took part in the French naval expedition to Brazil under Admiral Duguay-Trouin in 1711.
Most of the house is built in an architectural style specific to the region of Saint-Malo, where its elegant lines, its symmetrical elements and the sobriety of its exterior decorations.

The owners, who have lived in different countries and speak 6 languages, welcome you now in a warm atmosphere in bed and breakfast or in the cottage in the middle of a beautiful garden, which they cultivate with passion!
For groups staying at the cottage, they also offer a private tour of the surrounding malouinières.

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Spoken languages: French