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It is said that in 1391, the Duke of Berry, son of John the Good, donated Montfleury to the Chancellor of France, Pierre d'Amarithon, ancestor of the family of Vinols de Montfleury who occupied the property until recently.
Built in the 16th century for the son of François de la Guesle, bailiff and governor of the county of Auvergne, butler of Catherine de Medici, and very revamped in the 18th century, Montfleury is composed of two bodies of dwellings with a round tower at each end of the most annual part 16th, and a square turret covering the staircase at the intersection of the two wings.
The lower space, at the foot of the terrace which is of recent design, called the Italian courtyard, refers to the southern influences that had great favor in Auvergne in the 18th century and marked the architecture of Montfleury.
Behind the porch that opens onto the Italian courtyard, the property is extended by a press that recalls the winemaking past of the house and the region, the Auvergne having been an important land of vines until its near total destruction by the phylloxera at the the end of the 19th century. And in the extension of the press, a garage. Commons, which stretched across the street from Montfleury, burned in the early 1980s.
The yellow and ochre-yellow stone of Montfleury and the eastern region of arkose, a sedimentary rock of the sandstone family, mainly composed of quartz and feldspar, mainly used in cut stones for berry frames, chains sidings, ledges or stairs.

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