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The castle is attested from the end of the 13th century by the lords of Loges. In 1680, the lordship is acquired
Jean Morelet, dean of Notre-Dame de Beaune, succeeded by his nephew; it was this Jean Morelet, squire, who obtained by letters patent of the 9th of June, 1700, to substitute the name of Morlet for that of Loges. Then the castle passed to the family Bouhier then Vogüé before reaching the Louvencourt family in the nineteenth century. The construction consists of a main building between two unequal square towers; the eastern tower, very massive and capped with a high roof, seems the oldest. The windows with braces or vertical mullions of the southern facade and towers are from the fifteenth century, the balconies windows of the north facade were created in the eighteenth century. A chapel was built in the middle of the 19th century in the pavilion on the left.

The castle today

First mention of the fortified house in 1240, when Guillaume de Loge, said Auvergnat, and his wife Ameline are owners. Enumeration given in 1367 by Jean de Loges, knight, from his fortified house and land of Loges. In 1504, Françoise d'Amange, widow of Simon de Loges, made to the king enumeration of the land and lordship of Loges: "firstly, the chastel and strong house, ditches, stable, barn, garden, together all the earth, in all justice high, middle and low, moving and deppendant royal fief because of his duchy of Burgundy ". The lands and lordships of Loges put in decree in 1627 on Jean and Marguerite de Loges, heirs of the late Philibert de Lorges, and were awarded to Louis de Pernes, lord of Monestoy. June 26, 1680, enumeration of Lodges given by Father Morlet. The inhabitants are subject to the watch and guard of the castle of Loges and the maintenance of the sleeping bridge, curing ditches, erection of the barriers. In 1700, Jean Morlet, Esquire, obtains, by letters patent of June 9, to substitute the name of Morlet for that of Loges.

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