Mill of Saint Victor

60300, Moulin de Saint Victor, Baron
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« Hello, expect you the mill of St. Victor. Old mill of the 18th century, and in our family for many generations, we have renovated to offer you modern comforts in retaining the charm and character of the former. Our goal: make your stay an exceptional moment. Yann and Clotilde the Bedoyere »

The castle today

Through the centuries the mill of St. Victor is a stone building, typical of the mills of the NoNet, it was built in the 18th century.

In 1840, he was part of the 31 mills that were operating on the river.

His wheel and its huge volumes that make up the 5 levels allowed then to grind wheat and store the grain and flour.

He worked up to the 2nd World War.

In La Bedoyere family since 1920, the mill of Saint Victor has been maintained and refurbished all keeping its style from the end of the eighteenth century (exposed beams, nature materials, renovations to the old...).

4th generation, Clotilde and Yann de La Bedoyere wish today him offer a second life by offering it as a lodging for stays of short or long terms.

In 2016, they got the first prize of the House of France contest organized by Airbnb, and became ambassadors of the heritage of the top region of France.

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