Castle Park Buzay

17220, La Jarne
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Part of the park has been landscaped and planted with exotic species according to the landscape fashion of the nineteenth century. A palm tree, purple beeches, redwoods shade this garden which also contains a cave. At the back of
castle, long perspective, jumping of the wolf, parterre of embroidery, wood, fishpond decorated with carved niches decorate the visit which will be able to continue in the kitchen garden.

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History and famous characters

Built around 1770, the Château de Buzay in La Jarne testifies to the art of living experienced by the city of LA ROCHELLE when privileged links were established between its port and the colonies of the New World.

Buzay embodies the balance that made the 18th century French a universal artistic reference. Its architecture, where the delicacy of detail softens perfectly proportioned lines, is bequeathed to us by the masters of ancient Greece.

The furniture, in perfect harmony with the interior decoration, has been preserved in its original condition and layout. The French gardens are home to a nature, sometimes tamed, sometimes spontaneous, which encloses the castle as a case.

Throughout the ages, Buzay is a "living" home, whose visit will allow you to enter the intimacy of a family that has lived since its construction. She is happy to share with you today her passion.

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