Prieuré de Chirens

38850, Chirens


The Priory of Chirens was built in the eleventh century and belonged to the Benedictine Order of St. Peter of Vienna.

Almost all the Benedictine churches of the time had originally three apses, like the abbey of Cluny II, and Chirens is no exception to the rule. The Romanesque apses of the Voironnais have not been preserved, that of Chirens is the exception.

The Priory of Chirens is also remarkable for its frescoes, the painter François Chambon ( [xxxxxxx] ), which can be dated from the late seventeenth century.

In 1962, the priory of Chirens is acquired by Roger Lorin, painter and professor of art drawing at Voiron state technical school. He is behind the rescue operation of the monument, to which he has involved his students. He gave her a different life, focused on painting and music, but which is nonetheless a form of spiritual life to which the presence of these stones almost millennia gives a particular meaning.

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Spoken languages: French