Ruffey castle

71240, Sennecey-le-Grand
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Presumably built in the thirteenth century by the family of Brancion on the site of a former post
Roman, Ruffey Castle, after having passed into the hands of the Nanton family in the 14th century by Claude de Lugny who, at the same time, built a seigniorial chapel at the Saint-Julien church. By succession, he passed on to the family of La Chambre who sold it at the end of the 16th century to the Bauffremont of Sennecey.

In 1714, the stronghold of Ruffey was detached from the barony of Sennecey for the Duke of Lauzun who left it to Gontaut Biron.

Sold in the year VI, it was partially destroyed around 1825 and then abandoned until it was restored by JB
Virey from 1875. After passing into various hands, the castle was sold to a charity that made it a holiday center for disabled youth. The current owners bought it from this association in 2007.

My castle is visitable

Ruffey Castle 71240 Sennecey-le-Grand, private property, outdoor visit and open for Heritage Days.

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Spoken languages: French