Saint Pierre Eglise Castle

50330, Accès par la rue de la Biretterie, Saint-Pierre-Église
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« Having lived all my childhood in this family castle, I now dedicate my free time and my efforts to maintain and make life this exceptional residence. With the help of my family and my parents, I will be happy to welcome you and introduce you, not only to the domain, its history, its beauty but also to the successes and difficulties of its preservation. So you are welcome, for a guided tour, a stay in our cottage, or to organize a reception or seminar in the magnificent 18th century salons that we will put especially at your disposal for this occasion. »


Located facing the sea, the Château de Saint Pierre Eglise is one of the most remarkable castles of the Cotentin, both by its exterior homogeneity, its perspectives, and by its interior decorations typical of the refinement of 18th century French art.
The first known stately family in Saint-Pierre-Eglise was that of the CLAMORGAN (or Gratechef), English lords of Saxon origin who were allied with William the Conqueror (1066).

On April 24, 1575, the Clamorgans sold the lordship of Saint Pierre Eglise to Richard Castel. As a result of the robberies and revolts the castle was attacked, burned and reduced to rubble in 1595. Next to the destroyed castle, around 1600, a new mansion was built at the expense of the arsonist.

130 years later, Bon-Hervé Castel wanted to "use in a way that it can be profitable for local workers " its significant ressources. Then he lauch a big project in order to built the current castle .

In 1802, the successor of Bon-Hervé Castel left Augustin Leviconte, Count of Blangy, the estate of St-Pierre, which was kept unhindered until 1940.

In 1940, the Germans settled until July 1944. The view of the sea (from Cosqueville to Réthoville) and its proximity led them to fortify the surroundings of the castle to defend it (17 buildings within a radius of 100m with a belt of barbed wire mined). They had set up a major mechanical repair centre (trucks, machinery, etc.).

The Americans in turn occupied the castle for an entire year - at more than 300! leaving a deeply dilapidated set at their start.

The owner at the time, Hubert de Blangy, spent the last 15 years of his life restoring this property in order to restore, in part, its original luster.

The castle today

Since 1995, a new restoration campaign has been initiated and continues to preserve in good condition this exceptional private heritage and allow it to integrate harmoniously into the social and tourist life of the English Channel, while preserving the intimacy of the family that inhabits it.

Currently, the property opens for your receptions, group visits and possible entertainment while a cottage welcomes you in the outbuildings.

My castle is visitable

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