The Castle-farm of Dourbes

5670, Ferme-chateau de Dourbes, Viroinval
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« 19 years already that The Castle-farm of Dourbes with its big multi-purpose room of 110 m2 and its 4 accommodations welcome groups and visitors! A long and pleasant way since then! More than 750 groups welcomed! Nice meets! Thank you to all, who come to celebrate baptisms, weddings, birthdays, reunions, who celebrate by organizing costume balls, rally, treasure hunts, Easter egg hunt, meetings with St Nicolas or Santa Claus, who organize sports artistic or spiritual courses (martial art, astronomy, biodanza, shamanism, choirs, ballroom or belly dancing, who repeat the music, who come to meditate, who photograph, naturalists, macro photography, landscapes, heritage) who are initiated or practice taichi or yoga, who follow a personal development course, enjoy the marked trails, mountain biking or walking. Also came many people in seminar, brainstorming, reflection, putting green. For the companies, the universities, associations a quiet moment, outside the worries of everyday life. »


The site of Dourbes (Dothorpa) has been occupied since ancient times. The Castle-farm of Dourbes was built around 1860 by the parents of Victoria Philippe, the great-great-great grandparents of the present owner.

At this time, there is no photography, no electricity, no telephone, no automobile. The Castle-farm is shown on maps dating back to 1893, and the oldest photographs of it go back to 1892.

It burned down in 1914 along with a great part of the village and was rebuilt in [xxxxxxx] . The Castle- farm hasn’t suffered any change since, except for the transformation of one wing in accommodation in 2000 and the multi purpose room in 2002.

The buildings have long since been divided into 2 parts, one for the owners and their personnel and the other occupied until 2001 by farmers. Since 1916, the owners haven’t lived there full time, but did come for periods of time during the summer and the hunting season. The region was abounding in game, and the hunt was spectacular.

By coincidence, the Castle-farm was always passed down from mother to daughter. This happened five times in a row, with Marie Jottrand being the sixth owner in line.

The castle today

Today, it consists of a private part (not available for visit), a multi purpose room ( 110 square meters = 1184 square feet) and 4 accommodations available to guests and a apart building where permanently resides a person.

Since the year 2000, the owner Marie Jottrand has restored, updated to the today’s standards, welcomes groups for all kinds of parties, MAINLY WEDDINGS, but also practices of art or sport, or seminar and aims to keep an specific authenticity and a harmony to the place. The goal is to encourage meetings in joy and good humor and respect nature

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