The field of Boutiguery

29950, Le domaine de Boutiguery, Gouesnach
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« The wind creates the space. Using saws, tractors, backhoes, the navvy gardener organizes it and the painter color. It's as well as Boutiguery, for the big dance of spring, every year "fragrances, colors and sounds respond in games of light and shadow. »


The field of Boutiguery is located on the left bank of the river Odet at a place called: "Pors - Meillou" (the port of the mills *) in the town of Gouesnac'h in South Finistère in this area that was formerly called lower Brittany.

In the 18th century the two mills, one to wind on the plateau, the other in water at the bottom of the port were distrainee has a single Miller.

When the wind turned the wings the pond was filling allowing to rotate the wheel to the periods of dead calm...

Flint axes of bronze, a tumulus at the Roman baths, all kinds of archaeological features prove that an intense life on the banks of the river accompanied the important traffic linking Quimper to the rhythm of the tides and the sea.
Presumably, therefore, that the romantic factory of the area high in the 19 th century was on the old foundation of a tower to light Roman surrounded deep ditches.

Indeed from this point clear, high of 40 meters, the eye is watching the whole course of the River until the Roman entrenched camp strategically placed upstream, at the mouth of the Cove of St Cadou on 2 kms.

This position allowed them to maintain a flotilla of immediate action against any invader going up towards the city hidden on alert.

In addition, look in climbing embraces not only the mountains of Quimper, but also those of Locronan bond Coray...

The castle today

If Christian of the top plate, from his childhood, love both the trees and the forest, it is first to escape from preceptors who are trying to teach him some algebra or latin. As he also likes drawing, he turns to the fine arts of Quimper. He spent his military service as head of the offices of drawing of the 1st D.B. in Trier, then to the two armies at the wheel of a G.M.C. where he tastes the bitter dust of southern Algeria. Back to Gouesnac'h, it picks up the brush. But the galleries are demanding. So, between two bridges, it takes between the detached auto part, Parisian cabinet-making, a shipyard in Benodet, or the Bic team at the 1st french challenge for the America's Cup. In addition to the mechanics, wood work, hunting, sailing, photography and painting, the la botanique botanical remains its major asset. His passion.

Since the 1960s, he continues the collection initiated by his father with the means of the era: layering, grafting and semi. But his soul of painter, eager to "paint the Earth", is still not satisfied. When in 1987 a terrible hurricane destroyed the Park and forest, it is a disaster. Yet, the chaos will be born the current Park of Boutiguery, 20 hectares covered with 1 500 new plants each year. With his friend and neighbor Marc Colombel, who founded in 1993 the company Breton of the Rhododendron, they embark on hybridization. To the rhythm of nature, with the contribution of a few foreign pollens and infinite patience, the color palette is racing and the foliage become more beautiful, hottest, 'vibrant light. And hybridization continues.

My castle is visitable

OPENING: • free visit (Park and nursery): in October and November every Sunday 14 h to 18 h.
on make you (finished flowering period but can walk on request mail or por) • groups on appointment you throughout the year for a visit tour of the Park and nursery.
If impossibility for the openings: make an appointment with a simple call and enjoy in addition to the advice from Virginia (landscape) and his love for plants... • rates: €6 adult price, €5, child group under 12 free.

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