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12350, le bourg, Prévinquières
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« The portal top, family home, has been completely renovated from 2009 to 2017. You are welcomed in an impressive building from the 15th century to Previnquières (the periwinkle flower in occitan). You can enjoy a relaxing enjoyable, in contact with nature, at the exit of the gorges of the Aveyron, thanks to its four rooms of hosts of charm, well integrated in the medieval building. »


Between Ray and Rodez, on the banks of the Aveyron, the top Portal welcomes you in a large building from the XV century, and offers you a pleasant relaxation in contact with nature, with its rooms of hosts of charm.
The medieval building and its square tower were built on the fortifications and at the expense of the old castle which fell into the defense system of the village.
Previnquières is located in the heart of Segala, in the canton of Rieupeyroux, at the exit of the gorges of the Aveyron, in the middle of a picturesque and wild natural area. Heritage, architecture and medieval history enthusiasts will be able to visit the area, many authentic villages.

The castle today

For generations, the owners of the mansion were men of law (judges, notaries,...) They did not have the title of Lord, but they function. They owned all the land in the area. In 1896 the last descendant died without that property was resumed. The lands and buildings were divided into lots, and on sale. The main house built on the ramparts with its medieval square Tower, not finding buyer, it is the Church that bought it around 1900. The "Holy Family" of Villefranche de Rouergue sisters moved into the premises and created a school for girls. At that time there was only a secular school for boys. With the products of the garden, they eat girls and boys at noon in a small dining hall. Some little girls living far away, they were residents. The people of the region named Home: "The convent". The chapel was on the first floor of the tower. The school functioned well into the 1960s, and then with the desertification of the countryside, the loss of influence of the Church, the school closed its doors around 1960 and the building, in pretty bad shape, was sold to a person whose ancestors were of the same village. Major works were undertaken to the 1970s to save the medieval part half-timbered, the alley giving under the tower. Then on the death of the owner in 2001, his daughter took over the building and realized major Interior renovation works, from 2009 to 2017 to create four guest rooms. This modernization allowed the building to consolidate its very fragile internal structures, and to restore style, charm and a certain appeal for this big building that could pass through the ages, the 100 years war, the revolution, the destruction of time and still today be the living of a distant past testimony.

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Heritage and by appointment, free visit days.

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