The Tourlandry Castle

49120, Chemillé-en-Anjou
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« Found in 2016 this castle such as the sleeping beauty was hidden behind the doors after a protective bridge and unbridgeable moats. Today after 2 years of work it relives and opens for you park and gardens outdoor glass room in the spirit XIX th century and Chateau redecorated as at the time on historical oak floors. »


Castle of the Tourlandry-located in the heart of the Mauges in Anjou, the castle is surrounded by moats filled waters and door the medieval history of the Lord Landry owner of a tower, fortified by its defensive moat: the Tower Landry.
Two square towers of the 15th century structure buildings restored walls of the 16th century with stables and Arch under which our visitors are welcomed by a statue of Cathelineau. Completely restored in its central building dated [xxxxxxx] in the tradition of the SECOND EMPIRE he retains a strong historical identity with a succession of 5 rooms all personalized and respecting the flamboyant decoration of this period.

The castle today

The Castle, rebuilt 3 times, is dated from the 19th century and will be honoured to host Napoleon III repeatedly. He's also seen come to him the last of the Bourbons in the Duchess of Berry during the wars of Vendée and retains in his entry the majestic statue of the Generalissimo Cathelineau.

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Spoken languages: French , English