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Located, as its name indicates, in the Val de Seine, the castle of Vaux-sur-Seine, overlooking the Seine and forming part of the Vexin Nature Park, is in this respect endowed with a remarkable geographical situation. Historical monument since 1995, this Yvelines property offers, 45 minutes from Paris, a unique setting for events such as seminars, receptions, weddings, etc. It is well served by public transport: the Vaux-sur-Seine train station is a ten minute walk and bus stops within 500 meters. The estate is a remarkable natural scenic area spanning more than 10 hectares on the right bank of the river.

The fully protected domain (ISMH) now includes:

a castle dating back to the 15th century, flanked by 6 towers
a landscaped park enclosed by walls and decorated with belvederes and factories
a terraced garden down to the Seine and facing due south.
This castle was the home of sculptor Carlo Marochetti in the 19th century.

The castle today

It was Louis XI who donated the land of Vaux to his barber and confidant Olivier Le Daim. This one began the construction of the castle of Vaux-sur Seine, castle which was reworked several times during the history. He changed owners several times and the estate was more or less fragmented. The castle was thus put on sale in 1819 as well as the dependent woods, the vegetable garden and the plaster quarries.

It is a baron of empire, Vincent Marochetti, come in France, in charge of mission by the grand duchess of Tuscany who acquired the site. Until today, the castle is still owned by the Marochetti family. This highly esteemed family, particularly marked the Vaux life of his generous actions. She has thus contributed to the brilliant artistic and literary renown of the small village of Vaux. Indeed, a son of Baron Marochetti was considered one of the greatest sculptors of the last century. The castle was listed as a historic monument in 1996. Emblematic of the Val de Seine's identity, the site was qualified by the Environment Services for a classification under the landscape.

My castle is visitable

Discover the castle of Vaux-sur-Seine, its ocher and gilded walls as well as its enclosure during exceptional events such as Heritage Days. In Vaux-sur-Seine, the past never stops to join the present ...

Visits are reserved for groups of 15 people minimum. To arrange an appointment, please contact the castle by email.

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