Château de Carsix

27300, Carsix
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« Bonjour je suis Fabienne Calvo, la gestionnaire du château de Carsix en Normandie. »

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Château Carsix is located in the department of Eure in the region of Upper Normandy. It
is reputed to be one of the three most beautiful chateau in the Eure built in the 18th
century. He was erected at the end of the reign of Louis XV by Philippe of Faÿ. It combines
the charm of a rural location in the nobility of a construction brick and stone of the mid
18th century. Accompanied by a chapel and side pavilions, the chateau was preceded by
a broad perspective framed by lime trees. The arms of the family of Faÿ adorn the
pediment of the entrance gate to the chateau.

Occupied until 2009 by an association dedicated to the rehabilitation of teenagers, it was
completely restored in keeping the taste of the eighteenth century. The woodwork of
rooms and some rooms and floors have been restored (Versailles parquet floors,
fireplaces piers, etc.).

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Langues parlées : français , anglais

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